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Hold me… lay your head lowly… Softly then boldly… carry me there…

Send your MJ love around the worldMichael,

Let me start by saying that without the inspiration you have given me in my life I would never have become the human being and artist I am today. I remember dancing in my room to "Beat It" with the door closed while wearing my sequined glove. This memory will stay with me for as long as I live. It was your energy, artistry, compassion and commitment that drove me to go after my dreams. You were boundless and proved that anyone from any walk could achieve their what they desire through self belief and dedication. My fondest childhood memory was working with you in 1991 on the MTV 10th anniversary special. You were so kind and personable with me. I will cherish that experience forever!

Thank you so much Michael for being my idol and blessing the world with more than anyone could imagine. You are a legend and an angel. I know you will continue to watch over us all and inspire from above.
~Brian Friedman

"When Michael Jackson passed away last year we honored his spirit through dance in my ballet classes at The Ailey Extension - with stylistic port de bras and pas de chevals reminiscent of his famous moonwalk. His influence is unparalleled, and the best way to celebrate his life is through dance itself. RIP Michael - you are missed."
~Kat Wildish

I believe MJ was chosen by God to change a generation, bring them into their calling and break racial barriers and color lines. His work has opened doors for so many to achieve their hearts desires!!! Thank you Michael for being my greatest artistic inspiration!
~Keeley "LockN' Key" Kaukimoce

Thank you Michael Jackson for being an ICON to my ICON. Your talent inspired GEO Hubela and helped make him the great performer he is and that has inspired me and countless others. Your revolutionary music, style, and dance moves will continue to inspire future generations as it has mine. Long live the King of Pop.
~Your Fan, Zan Bongiovi

Dear Michael, I can remember being late to school just to watch your videos and always being in love with everything you mastered. Your star will always shine and maybe there will be a time where I can dance with you among them. Thank you for sharing your gifts to the world. You are the only artist that continued to care for the well being of the earth and how we care for each other. Through your music your messages will live on forever. Smile.
~Christina Pioli

Dear Michael, Even in the distance, your legacy and compassion is a gift to the world. Your music inspired me to give, feel and dream. No time will be long enough to forget you, no gossip will be evil enough break you. I will see you again and we'll dance on the sky. May your inspiration help us change the world into a world with true peace, love and tolerance. We are part of you, you are part of us, you will forever be my music hero.
~Edwin Fion

MJ... Thank you for inspiring me to do what I do today. My dance career has spanned 17 years and I am honored and humbled to have danced in your presence and, for a few rehearsals, by your side. Meeting you, dancing for you and with you was a dream come true. Through DANCE I will always remember you and keep your legacy alive. You are a true ICON. You will never be forgotten. Someday we will dance in heaven. God Bless you and your family. Rest in peace. Thank you gendance for keeping his legacy alive. It means so much to me and the fans around the world.
~GEO Hubela

No matter if your “Black or White”, “Get on the Floor” and “Remember the Time” like it's “Human Nature” and “Don't Stop Till You Get Enough” (which is never). I had the pleasure of teaching Michael tap for a bit and must say that he was humble and amazingly talented. I know he is now in a peaceful place.
~Gregg Russell

To Michael: I am blessed everyday with the opportunity to create and share my passion that you sparked andcontinuously inspired. Thank you for showing me what it means to be an artist.
~Napoleon Gladney

He is the reason most of us started, in all entertainment fields. He is the foundation, the inspiration, and King of Pop. I recently auditioned for him, and had the experience of a lifetime! He would not want us to be sad; he would want us to remember his legacy! So let us put our chins up and celebrate his life! Remember the time. The show must go on, but we will miss you! Thank you Michael.
~Seth Stewart

So as we are reminded that life is fleeting, I urge you to use this moment as a choice. A choice to live your life, to live your dreams, and to never look back. We need not all be superstars to change the world. We need only to be ourselves and make positive changes within our own lives. What may seem insignificant can have repercussions beyond our wildest imagination. After giving so much to the world, we owe at least this much not only to Michael Jackson, but to human nature. “We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start living…” - Michael Jackson
~Mark Stuart Eckstein

The way you make me feel, you rock my world. You are not alone, cry, scream, heaven can wait! Will you be there? I'm bad!
~David Benaym

Michael, I remember having “Thriller” taught to me in my first jazz dance class. It was the first dance that I really got into and I'm pretty sure from that moment on I knew I had a hidden longing for dance. Thanks for everything-music and dance. May you rest in peace.

People of all corners of the world are inspired by you. Your music has brought millions upon millions of people together. Thank you. I will dance with you in my heart. 
~Angel Feliciano

Michael Jackson is more than just an extraordinary, fantastic dancer. He is Music, he is Voice, he is Movement, he is Soul. Gifted beyond words and a timeless gift to humanity.
~Dorit Koppel, Broadway Dance Center

Michael's music is the soundtrack to all of us 80’s kids. “Thriller” was an out of this world experience. He's mostly the reason we got our first VCR. My heart goes out to his family and fans around the world.

Thank you, Michael, for creating a future for dancers around the globe, for being a musical genius and for the optimism you had for everyone in this world. Viva siempre el King of Pop!

His life was a legendary gift to the world that ignited and helped define my passion for music, dance and performance. His light will live on in me and in billions of others for all of eternity. Rest in peace Michael Jackson. I love you.
~Sena Khoda

I loved Michael Jackson's music from the time I was a kid. It was just a couple of weeks ago that I downloaded the full version of “Thriller” to my iPod touch. Thanks for the music, Michael. Rest in Peace.

Michael, you used your gifts and offered the world so much through your presence. Thank you for the wonderful music.
~Laurie Johnson

I may not have followed your career very closely, but you have been an inspiration to some of the people that have inspired me the most. Without you, we wouldn't have so many wonderful dancers, singers, and performers and I appreciate you so much for that. I hope you're moonwalking in heaven. We all will miss you.

R.I.P The King of Pop, The Legend, Michael Jackson! There are no words to express the deep sense of loss. I really just wanted to give my condolences to his family and all his fans. My prayers and my heart go out to you all. I loved Michael's music since I was a toddler. His music brought such an inspiration worldwide.

I'm a huge fan of him and there are no words to express this very unexpected loss. I was really looking forward to his concert, but his music will still live on and will make us dance for many generations. Thank you for all your outstanding performances, wonderful music, and sharing your talent with all of us. We will truly miss you!
~J. Pamela R.A.

Michael Jackson differentiated himself not just by his art, but by the humanity he poured into it. He was brilliant.

He IS the King of Pop. He IS a legend! No one expected this to happen so suddenly.

He turned the face of the earth in the entertainment business. He’s the reason most popular dancers and choreographers started dancing! I mean, he’s made SUCH an impact, people probably don’t even realize. I hope you rest in peace Michael Jackson.

Thank you for sharing your talent with the world! We GREATLY appreciate it. Your spirit lives on. You are NEVER forgotten.

I never met Michael or saw him perform live (although I really wanted too). Yet, my heart aches as if I lost a very close family member. Michael was an artist that we will never see again. His music was a joy to my parents when they were kids and the soundtrack to the entirety of my childhood. No other artist has spanned the generations like he did. No other artist brought so many people together. Black, White, and Asian. American, European, or African. Christian, Jew, or Muslim. Rock fans, country fans, soul fans, classical fans. It didn't matter. It didn't matter what demographic any of us represented, everyone loved the genius and brilliance that was Michael Jackson. No one, I repeat no one, will be able to accomplish such a feat.

The last few days, I've been so very sad. I find comfort in knowing that Michael is no longer in any pain and I hope that someday he will get to see just how much he really meant to people all over the world.

Michael, family, friends, fans, and supporters,

The world is obviously in utter shock and disbelief. You were the reason millions of people across the world either began to dance or fell in love with dance and music. Mr. Jackson, your legacy will forever live on through the entertainment industry. There are plenty of dancers, singers, and performers who will be proud to “do you proud”. Thank you for giving us your incredible music. 

Chelsea Weaver

You united the world in your prime and did the same in your death. The impact you've had on music, dance, and entertainment is monumental. 

Nearly every person across the globe has been affected by you and your work. You've inspired so many to pursue their dreams. The amount of grief we feel is great, but the legacy you've left behind will never be forgotten. Thank you, Michael Jackson. May you now be in a better place.

Rest in peace. You will be greatly missed.
~Marianne Mingua

There is a famous saying that states, “You don’t know how good something is until it is gone.” This is exactly the way I feel about the late Michael Jackson. Growing up, my parents brought me up on his music. Being in the choir, I remember performing “Thriller” for our senior performance. Listening to his music today makes me feel great enjoyment over his amazing artistry but concurrent remorse that we will never be exposed to the likes of him ever again.

Radio stations and TV stations around the country are playing tributes to his music since the shocking news. This is something that should have been done year around instead of at a time when his passing is being used as the reason to play his music. This incident brought everyone together to realize his legend. I hope and pray that he will be remembered for his music. REST IN PEACE KING OF POP. YOU WILL BE MISSED.

I didn't grow up listening to Michael Jackson. He wasn't really a part of my generation. I only really noticed him a couple of years ago from his dancing and of course his music. I've loved him ever since. He really did change the face of dance and music forever and he will be missed.

Ever since I was young, your music has led me in life. You changed the world with your mind, your movements, and your generosity. There isn't an art form that you haven't had your hand in. You will forever remain the greatest performer of all time in every aspect. I can't thank you enough for sharing the gift God gave you with the universe. May you finally rest in peace.

Michael Jackson was such a beast. He will be remembered forever for his contributions to the world. RIP Michael Jackson.

Weary, tell me will you hold me

When wrong, will you scold me

When lost will you find me?

But they told me a man should be faithful

And walk when not able

And fight till the end but I’m only human

We love you Michael.

~the gendance team

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